About Us

Serving education since 2005

DSM, one of the pioneer & unique Institutions in Eastern India providing the best professional education in the field of Hospitality & Hospital. Institute offering quality education and training in the course of  Masters, Bachelor, Diploma, Certificate as per the industry needs since 2005. The Institute has strong and well connected with the industry and makes sure that students are well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. It holds an excellent placement record in (both domestic & abroad). Hence you have to join DSM where your skills are polished and you get the best opportunities to shine in your professional lives with minimum expenditure. We heartily welcome you to a learning environment where you develop yourself in a wholesome way.


  • 40% – Placed Hotels

  • 25% – Placed Hospitality Sectors

  • 10% – Placed Airlines

  • 25%  -Placed Health Care Sectors

The Three Pillars


The three pillars at DSM are education, internship and personal development. Each pillar plays a key role in our mission to provide the growing global hospitality in industry with quality employees, eager to demonstrate their potential. Academic education, as the first pillar, gives individual the basic knowledge in order to be able to fulfil a job. Internship as the second pillar, allow these students to apply the knowledge they absorbed at the institution. Personal development is the third and most important pillar as it is this discipline that motivates our students, guides them, strengthens them and ultimately drives them to succeed.

DSM has established its name over the past one and a half decades, now they are churning the expertise, network and skills facilitate more and more students from different parts of the country. They are one institution which has kept a gradual pace in expanding horizons in terms of Alumni connectivity is concerned. The fact that they are extremely keen on standard training and placement is validated by the fact that their Alumni are spread across the world in the best organizations. Determination is the seed to success is what being taught and ingrained to strengthen the mental and the physical ability of the students.

Teaching Methodology at DSM


Classroom Learning

To provide conceptual and theoretical inputs through lectures and audio-visual aids.


University Norms

Our courses and syllabi are as per the guidelines of UGC approved universities. Our faculty members are always involved in upgrading the course materials and making it as per industries requirements. Form fill up for Registration / Re-registration, Examinations time table, publishing and issuing of marks-sheet and final certificates are controlled by the University.


Awarded Degree

After successful completion of the University examination of all papers, projects, degree will be awarded by The University. All Degree holders are eligible for all sorts of Govt. and Privates jobs, promotions and further studies.


Group Learning

Management education can not be complete only with classroom teachings. It needs interaction among students. Hardcore management skills, core management skills, contemporary business strategies, technology-driven strategies and inputs on integrity and corporate etiquette and values are imbibed into the students through mentoring and coaching them.


Case studies and Role playing

It enables students to understand management concepts in actual work situations and gain a better appreciation of the subject.



At the end of each semester / year students have to appear in Internal assessment and external examination.


  • Team of qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members.

  • 10 Faculty members have long experience in the hotel industry.

  • Visiting lecturers from industry.

  • The teaching methodology is based on classroom learning, Group learning and case studies.


DSM has an extremely dedicated team of mentors who are motivated to guide, mentor and groom the students to adapt to the new environment and build the self confidence of the students so that they can endure the demands of the hospitality sector. It is not easy to cater to the diversity in cultural backgrounds of the students, because this is one institute which has a mixed bag of students coming from not only North eastern fringes of the country, but also Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and of course parts of Bengal. The meticulous process of hand holding these young adults is truly commendable.

DSM is proud of its multi – talented faculty, out of which some of them have experience from abroad. This brings extra international dimension to the subjects taught.

In keeping with our Mission, that success is within everyone’s reach; our entire faculty is committed to our student’s development. We seek to inspire students and to provide them with the academic and professional skills that will enable them to lead to successful global careers.


Accreditation and certification are the institution’s means of self–regulation through quality assurance and continuous improvement. The accrediting process is intended to strengthen and sustain the quality and integrity of higher education and for public confidence.

DSM is incorporated in 2005 and is under UGC (HRD Ministry, Govt. of India) recognized university. The university is also a member of the Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi. Management is also under Govt. of West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961.