Our Course Offerings

Hotel Management

  • 3 years Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management
  • 2 Years Master Degree in Hotel Management
  • 2 Years MBA in Hotel Management
  • 2 Years Diploma in Hotel Management
  • 1 Year Diploma in Hotel Operation
  • 6 Months Craft Course in Hotel Operation

Hospital Management

  • 3 years Bachelor Degree in Hospital Management
  • 2 Years Master in Hospital Management

  • 2Years Diploma in Hospital Management

Hospitality Management

  • 3 years Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management
  • 2 Years Master Degree in Hospitality Management
  • 2 Years Diploma in Hospitality Management


  • DSM places all its students in internships only in 5 star and deluxe hotels.

  • 97% of DSM students choose to do their internship in Goa, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.

  • Over 40% of DSM students are placed in star hotels abroad.

  • DSM has a 100% success rate in placing students after they finish the course.


Attending an internship for 6 months is a mandatory part of the course. This industrial internship takes place in the second year and also the third year of the course. DSM places its students only in star and deluxe hotels and other service sector in the country and abroad to get real-life exposures in varied discipline and on job experience of the operation and production environment. The students are exposed to real-life problems in day to day function and come to know the solutions, students are matured through such challenging situations and become familiar with the various aspect of the business. Many outstanding students receive direct offers for placement from the same hotels. All students enjoy stipends during internship plus certificates

As We already mentioned ‘Determination is the key to Success’ but training and placement is what participates and compliments in success. The Institute has mastered in this with a very strong Training and Placement cell which networks and labors round the year to give the best training and placement to its students. The placement is not only pan India but it exceeds the borders of our country and reaches countries like UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE, Australia and others. The students are groomed and made industry ready so that they can be a part of the best brands across the world. Patience, grit and discipline is imbibed in the students so that they earn badges of recommendation for their performance and perfection.


  • DSM offers job placements to all the students through campus recruitment.

  • DSM are placed in major chain hotels and resorts national and international.

After Graduation

DSM organizes series of campus interviews for its students in the final year and provides global career and placement opportunities before completion of the course. DSM works with leading hotels in the country as well as abroad.


Industrial visit  |  Excursion  |  Seminar room

Teaching Methodology at DSM


Classroom Learning

To provide conceptual and theoretical inputs through lectures and audio-visual aids.


University Norms

Our courses and syllabi are as per the guidelines of UGC approved universities. Our faculty members are always involved in upgrading the course materials and making it as per industries requirements. Form fill up for Registration / Re-registration, Examinations time table, publishing and issuing of marks-sheet and final certificates are controlled by the University.


Awarded Degree

After successful completion of the University examination of all papers, projects, degree will be awarded by The University. All Degree holders are eligible for all sorts of Govt. and Privates jobs, promotions and further studies.


Group Learning

Management education can not be complete only with classroom teachings. It needs interaction among students. Hardcore management skills, core management skills, contemporary business strategies, technology-driven strategies and inputs on integrity and corporate etiquette and values are imbibed into the students through mentoring and coaching them.


Case studies and Role playing

It enables students to understand management concepts in actual work situations and gain a better appreciation of the subject.



At the end of each semester / year students have to appear in Internal assessment and external examination.